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Paranormal Investigation Protocol


  • Go on an investigation alone.
  • Vandalize, trespass or take anything from a location.
  • Whisper during EVP session.
  • Negatively provoke spirits/ghosts to respond to your questions or perform on demand.
  • Use a Ouija board or conduct a séance without a professional psychic-medium present.
  • Smoke in the area where you are taking photos—cigarette/cigar smoke can appear as "ghostly mist" or "ectoplasm" in photographs.
  • Wear perfume or heavy deodorants—remember, ghosts can manifest via olfactory as well as auditory & visual senses.
  • Litter, be respectful and throw it away properly.
  • Run—This is how people get hurt!
  • Take anything from the location—whether it’s public or private property.
  • Drink alcohol or do drugs before or during an investigation.


  • -Obey all laws & regulations!
  • Ask permission to investigate on private property. (Being willing to sign a liability waiver may help secure permission.) Let someone know where you will be and approximate time of return.
  • Go on an investigation with at least two people.
  • Turn off all cell phone ringers.
  • Remember you are representing ALL paranormal investigators—don’t give the field a bad name by being disrespectful, obnoxious or defiant.
  • Be as quiet as possible during EVP sessions—this includes NO walking, rustling around or whispering (if you need to talk, do so in a normal tone).
  • Take extra batteries. (Ghosts have been known to drain them.) If using a tape recorder and/or film camera--bring extra tapes, film, etc.
  • Take along water.
  • Take a flashlight—and a spare flashlight.
  • Dress comfortably and take a jacket or coat in case the temperature drops after dark.
  • Announce loudly "Flash!" before taking a photo , you may temporarily blind your fellow investigators.
  • Make note of non-supernatural noises when attempting EVP. For instance, "Bill clearing his throat" or "Jane coughing"—these sounds can be misconstrued as EVP later on when you’ve forgotten these occurrences took place. -Do a walk-through before the investigation to orient the team with the layout of the building or area.
  • If you are on an outside investigation: Arrive during daylight hours so you can get the "lay of the land" and note any animal holes, rocks or branches that could become obstacles in the dark. Also, make note of any homes that are in the area and be careful not to shine flashlights towards them—not only is it disrespectful, but you may get a visit by the local police.

If you are investigating a public historical location:

Never intimidate tourists or other investigating groups into leaving because you want to attempt EVP—these locations are for the PUBLIC’S enjoyment, NOT just for ghost hunting. Do not take anything from these sites.

Do not hunt or dig for relics—if you find something that may be historical (such as an old bullet or mini ball at Gettysburg), inform a guide or official.